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Lisa Dautremont Artist

Nature’s Lullaby

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This original oil painting on a 24” x 36” cradled board (1 1/2” depth) takes you to night’s approach in the Big Muddy badlands area of Southern Saskatchewan. This is cattle ranching country where the skies are vast and nature abounds through the seasons. This particular evening the coyotes were singing a lullaby as darkness encroached and the sun bid adieu as it sent the sky aflame and awash with colour.

 The edges are black stained and sealed. It comes ready to hang with wire attached.

Not Sold Out! See below:

This painting is on exhibit and may be only be purchased through The Hive in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Exhibition dates are May 22nd through June 26th, 2022. Contact by DM message on Instagram @hiveespressobarco , Facebook @gather.thehive , or phone (306) 313-8820