About the Artist



I’m drawn to create a painting from my own life experience in which the moment creates an emotion of awe and wonder at the scene before me. This may be caused by varying subjects from people to landscape to interesting objects of beautiful colour, shape, or form.
Painting in a representational style that may even border on expressionist, I want to present captivating values in a realistic manner, yet perhaps including hints of surrealism so that the viewer is led to explore. I love the interplay of light and colour, harsh lines and soft lines, and warmth and coolness. Oil is my favourite medium, allowing me to paint thin transparent layers or thick expressive marks. I both add and remove paint using brush, palette knife, paper towel, plastic card, and even my fingers sometimes scraping the paint back down. 
When I paint, I can be drawn into a place that lets me just be, where creation is so much bigger than myself. It reminds me of what an amazing Creator we have.



 Achievements of Note   

Artist Residency - Banff Boutique Inn, Banff, Alberta, Canada, May 3 - 6, 2021      

Juried Art Show - Square Foot Show “Life’s A Beach” June 15 - 17, 2022.                 

Juried Art Show - Mastrius Art Show “100 Days of Summer”, August 2022.
Juried Art Show - Scottsdale Artists School “Best & Brightest” - February 2023.                                               Award - 1st Place Watermedia Category for “Red Mountain” - Scottsdale Artists School “Best & Brightest” 
Juried Art Show - Mastrius Art Show “Land to Sky”, March 2023. 
Art Collaboration with pianist/composer Margin Alexander in New York City, July 2023 - “Manhattan Canvas Stories”.                
Juried Art Show - Federation of Canadian Artists’ 2024 “Annual International Representational Exhibition”, March 2024.                    
Juried Art Show - Petite Art Show “Spring Has Sprung”, May 2024