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Lisa Dautremont Artist

Misty Autumn Morn - Original Painting

Misty Autumn Morn - Original Painting

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This was an oil painting that evolved for me. It started out as a rainy June day in Montana and it was just lush spring-like green with gray skies everywhere. I loved the mood of it but the colours weren’t grabbing me. So I decided it was autumn.  I also had painted a palomino into the scene but I wasn’t happy with his colour or position. So I removed him and painted in another horse I’d seen near home. I love seeing horses in the countryside! They have a magnetic draw on me. Whew! Now I’m pleased as punch with this painting and am so glad I persisted! 

 Dimensions are 20” x 20” with 1-1/2” deep painted edges. Does not need a frame.


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